About NarwhalCoding.

Kids coding at the first NarwhalCoding meetup.
Kids coding at the first NarwhalCoding meetup.

NarwhalCoding started as a coding club at our house. Our kids’ friends would come over to the house twice a month and code – at the dining room table, in the living room and outside on the deck.

As more kids joined, we ran out of room. We then started working with the Lafayette Library and held twice-monthly, coding meetups for kids aged 8-13. The kids worked independently and supported one another when someone needed help.

Meetup rules:

  • You must be coding
  • If you need help, ask for it
  • If you can give help, give it

Due to COVID-19, the meet-ups are indefinitely on hold, however, our oldest son Elias, soon to be a seventh grader, is hosting virtual coding classes over the summer.